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protecting our children
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What is Previde?

The new standard in preconception care

Physician-prescribed Previde combines DNA information from two prospective parents to identify a future child’s risk of inheriting one or more of 1000+ serious genetic diseases.

How to get started

Set up an analysis to confirm your prescribing physician and two genetic participants. Participants may include you and your partner, or a sperm/egg donor you plan on using to conceive. When setup is complete, both genetic participants are invited to register and submit a saliva sample.

GenePeeks science overview

How it works

A breakthrough approach to risk detection

Our Virtual Progeny method digitally combines DNA information from two prospective parents to predict the genomes of a child they might conceive. For every gene copy in these virtual genomes, we compute a Variant Gene Dysfunction score that integrates critical risk data such as predicted gene function and allele frequency.

We use this approach to assess the likelihood that a future child will inherit increased risk for diseases associated with the genes we target.