GenePeeks Expands Distribution to India with Exclusive Agreement with CORE Diagnostics

CAMBRIDGE, MA Oct 17th, 2017

GenePeeks today announced an exclusive distribution agreement with CORE Diagnostics, a next-generation diagnostics provider committed to bringing best-in-class clinical technology and innovation to India.

GenePeeks Announces Distribution Agreement with Bioiatriki for Greece and Cyprus

CAMBRIDGE, MA Sep 27th, 2017

GenePeeks today announced a new partnership with Bioiatriki, a primary healthcare services provider with extensive diagnostic capabilities at its twenty-nine laboratory facilities across Greece and Cyprus.

GenePeeks and Donor Concierge Announce Strategic Partnership Agreement

CAMBRIDGE, MA Sep 19th, 2017

GenePeeks and Donor Concierge, a leading egg donor and surrogate search service for intended parents, today announced a new strategic partnership. Donor Concierge assists families around the world in finding their ideal egg donor or surrogate through its vast network of fertility agencies and clinic partners.

GenePeeks Announces Partnership with The World Egg Bank

CAMBRIDGE, MA Jun 28th, 2017

GenePeeks today announced a new partnership with The World Egg Bank to bring GenePeeks Preconception Screen to even more families around the world. The World Egg Bank, the longest operating egg bank in the US, is a premier egg donation program headquartered in Arizona with affiliates in New York, London and Boston.

GenePeeks and Alliance Global Group Sign Distribution Agreement for Middle East and Africa


GenePeeks and Alliance Global Group (AGBL) today announced a new partnership to bring GenePeeks’ Virtual Progeny Analytics (VPA) technology platform to select markets in the Middle East and Africa. AGBL is the largest biomedical gateway in these markets.

GenePeeks Announces Partnership with Fertility SOURCE Companies

CAMBRIDGE, MA Apr 28th, 2017

Fertility SOURCE clients may now select the GenePeeks test to assess a future child’s risk of disease inheritance, a service that includes consultation with a certified genetic counselor. Donor SOURCE™ donors now have the option to complete pre-test protocols and be identified as “GenePeeks Ready,” which may save prospective parents significant time in their fertility journey.

GenePeeks Announces Additional Partnerships with The Donor Solution and 3 Sisters Surrogacy

CAMBRIDGE, MA Feb 28th, 2017

GenePeeks today announced partnerships with two leading fertility organizations: The Donor Solution, an independent egg donation agency, and 3 Sisters Surrogacy, a gestational carrier service. Through these partnerships, more prospective parents will have access to GenePeeks' proprietary preconception genetic screening test.

GenePeeks Appoints Industry Leader Matt Posard as President and Chief Commercial Officer

CAMBRIDGE, MA Feb 1st, 2017

Matt Posard joins the GenePeeks team with more than 25 years of experience successfully commercializing innovative technologies in the life science and molecular diagnostics fields. Over the course of his career, Posard has held influential leadership roles at a number of market leading companies including Illumina, Trovagene and Alere.

GenePeeks Launches Preconception Test for Combined Risk of Passing on More than 1,000 Serious Genetic Diseases

CAMBRIDGE, MA Jan 24th, 2017

GenePeeks today announced the launch of its proprietary next-generation screening platform. Powered by Virtual Progeny Analytics (VPA), the patented technology enables high-resolution visibility into the risk of conceiving a child with one or more of 1,000+ heritable diseases.

GenePeeks Study Compares Utility of Donor Carrier Screening Methods with Systematic Next Generation Sequence Analysis

NEW YORK, NY May 1st, 2016

The study spotlights the need to overhaul screening protocols to take advantage of the tremendous advances in human genomics that have occurred over the past decade.

GenePeeks and RMA of New York Launch Research Collaboration to Study Breakthrough Genetic Disease Screening Technology

NEW YORK, NY Mar 1st, 2016

GenePeeks and Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York (RMA of New York) announce their collaboration and the start of patient recruitment for a study evaluating the clinical performance of GenePeeks’ pre-conception risk prediction technology in comparison to expanded carrier screening.

Letter to the Editor of Genetics in Medicine: Response to Sosnay et al

NEW YORK, NY Oct 29th, 2015

In this letter to the editor, we highlight an inherent limitation in the carrier screening framework for cystic fibrosis. We argue that computational tools are highly relevant to the development of a more effective response to disease risk identification and management.

Response to BuzzFeed Article: This Company Is Trying To Make More Perfect Babies

NEW YORK, NY Jul 13th, 2015

It’s wonderful to have an ongoing conversation around genetics and health. We are not in pursuit of the "perfect baby," however that would ever be defined. We want what all parents want — a world where every child has the chance at a healthy future.

Seattle Infertility Center Introduces New Technology to Patients to Minimize Risk of Hundreds of Genetic Diseases in Their Children

SEATTLE, WA (PR WEB) Jul 6th, 2015

Pacific NW Fertility first in the United States to offer innovative genetic testing prior to making embryos utilizing donor eggs. Diseases hidden in the combined DNA of sperm and eggs can be revealed before fertilization takes place in the IVF process.

GenePeeks Appoints Mara G. Aspinall as Chairman of Board of Directors


Lifeprint Group, the parent company for GenePeeks, Inc., a genetic information company focused on next-generation disease risk analysis, announced today that Mara Aspinall has joined the company’s board of Directors as Executive Chairman. Aspinall brings deep experience building and leading successful life science companies to support the company’s continued growth.

GenePeeks Launches Sperm Donor Matching Service

(BIO IT WORLD) May 22nd, 2014

GenePeeks has opened its in-silico nursery, formally lunching the Matchright screening service for families who are planning to use a sperm donor to conceive. GenePeeks was awarded patents in late January for algorithms that simulate potential offspring.

GenePeeks Announces Issuance of US Patent for Pre-Conception Prediction of Disease Risk in Hypothetical Future Children


GenePeeks, Inc., a genetic technology company focused on pre-conception risk prediction, announced today it has been issued patent No. 8,620,594, titled “Method and System for Generating a Virtual Progeny Genome,” by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent covers innovative algorithms that simulate the genetic interactions occurring naturally in human reproduction in order to create hypothetical “digital babies.”