Helping you protect
your future family

As parents-to-be, we share a fundamental instinct to protect our future children.

At GenePeeks we know how that feels. And to be honest, we know how it feels to find holes in the safety net. We started this company to give you safeguards we didn't have when we were starting our own families.

We designed our flagship Matchright technology around a simple truth: when it comes to genetics, the definition of "safe" is personal. For example, a healthy donor for one person might be a risky match for another. That's why GenePeeks developed a breakthrough approach to donor selection that identifies high-risk matches based on your own genetic signature.

We're proud to have advanced the field of genetics with our unique service, but we're even prouder to have developed a new way to help you keep your family safe.

Welcome to GenePeeks. We're here to help you give your child the best chance
at a healthy future.

Because your protective instinct is right.

—The GenePeeks Team