Get Started

How to get started


Set up screen

Set up a screen to confirm your prescribing physician and two genetic participants. Participants may include you and your partner, or a sperm/egg donor you plan on using to conceive. When setup is complete, both genetic participants are invited to register and submit a saliva sample.

Register sample kit

Both genetic participants are invited to register saliva samples for the screen. Registration includes entering the barcode from the saliva collection tube and completing a participant consent. When registration is complete, please send the sample(s) to our clinical laboratory for processing.

Receive report

Receive the combined risk report through your secure online account with support from your prescribing physician and our genetic counseling team. The report is delivered approximately four weeks from our lab's receipt of both participant samples.

Our story

Helping you protect your future family

As parents-to-be, we share a fundamental instinct to protect our future children. At GenePeeks we know how that feels. And to be honest, we know how it feels to find holes in the safety net.

We invented GenePeeks to identify risk that can’t be seen through other methods, including carrier screening. We're proud to be advancing the field of genetics -- and we're even prouder to be helping you protect your future family.