The Science Behind GenePeeks

Operating instructions for the human body

A human body is made up of trillions of cells that contain genetic information, coded in the form of DNA sequences. The sum of the genetic information in any one person's body is their "personal genome." A personal genome is the instruction manual for the body's growth, development and functioning.

GenePeeks digitally combines your DNA and the DNA of potential donor matches to create a preview of thousands of personal genomes that your child could inherit, focusing on a panel of genes involved in childhood health and disease.

Preview and protect with GenePeeks

GenePeeks technology identifies recessive genetic risk by digitally previewing how a pair of genomes—yours and a donor's—would work together. Our biomedical modeling relies on scientific knowledge and tools that, for the most part, did not exist a decade ago. We use next-generation DNA sequencing to read your genome and the genomes of our donors, and then digitally pair them together. We then incorporate the latest science, including peer-reviewed, medical research findings that a particular genetic mutation is likely to cause disease. Including these findings in our analysis allows us to create a uniquely rigorous screening tool.

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Explore our genetic research

The GenePeeks Research Browser is a dynamic system with novel functionality that merges clinical data, population frequency data, and GenePeeks research variant scoring into a highly navigable, publicly available resource. The Research Browser is updated continuously and is designed to adapt and improve based on the needs and feedback of users.

The Research Browser is intended to expand scientific knowledge in the research community. It is a non-clinical resource and is distinct from our other services.

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