Frequently Asked Questions

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How is GenePeeks Preconception Screen ordered?
GenePeeks is currently not accepting orders for our Preconception Screen. Please contact support@genepeeks.com with any additional questions.

Is the GenePeeks process safe?
Our analysis is purely digital; each step in our process is safe and non-invasive. Only a sample of your saliva is needed for the screening process. GenePeeks Preconception Screen is designed to be used before conception and does not involve embryo creation.

How is GenePeeks Preconception Screen different from traditional carrier screening?
Instead of reporting parental carrier status, GenePeeks focuses on the genetic risk profile of a future child. Using a novel approach called Virtual Progeny Analytics (VPA), GenePeeks digitally combines genetic information from two prospective parents to generate and analyze thousands of potential genetic combinations. This process allows us to better understand the actual risk of conceiving a child with heritable genetic disease. In total, GenePeeks rigorously screens prospective parents for their combined risk of passing on more than 1,000 serious genetic diseases.

How does GenePeeks Preconception Screen quantify genetic risk?
For every gene copy in the genomes of the hypothetical children, GenePeeks computes a Variant Gene Dysfunction (VGD) score that integrates critical risk data such as predicted gene function and allele frequency. This allows us to increase the sensitivity of our screening technology and evaluate variants that can remain uncharacterized by other genetic screens. While most reproductive screens are limited to investigating clinically validated mutations, GenePeeks incorporates clinically validated mutations as well as mutations that are modeled as disrupters of gene function and likely to correlate with genetic disease

What percentage of patients receive positive results with GenePeeks Preconception Screen?
GenePeeks identifies 5-8% of patients with a combined risk of passing on genetic disease. While carrier screens perform an individual parent-based analysis, GenePeeks identifies the predicted risk of conceiving a child with disease. By shifting the focus to the future child, GenePeeks helps patients to better understand their true reproductive risk.

How accurate are the results?
GenePeeks performs independent disease risk evaluations of thousands of combinations for over three million DNA basepairs that are generated from a reproductive pairing, which ensures that our data is highly statistically significant for the single-locus diseases that we are screening. For more information about the sensitivity, specificity and predictability of our technology, please see Information for Healthcare Providers.

Are the GenePeeks systems secure?
We use robust security measures to protect against unauthorized access to your information. However, as with any security system, we cannot guarantee that our system will not be breached. For more details, please review our privacy policy.

Will my insurance pay for this service?
Many insurance companies still view fertility services as "elective" procedures. Please check your insurance policy regarding coverage. We do not have the facilities to bill insurance companies directly for reimbursement at this time, but we can provide you with an invoice to assist you in completing the insurance claim form.

Are your services available outside the U.S?
Our services are currently only available in the U.S. and Canada. We do not offer services to any additional countries at this time, but please contact us if you are an international client and would like to stay informed of our expansion plans